Collections of historical materials such as books, paper records, pictures, and photos are archived within the high school library and are available for research and study during regular school hours. If there are genealogies or historical information in private collections in the community, these would be valuable additions to the historical archives. 

Public programs are organized during six months of the school year: October, November, February, March, April, and May. If you have any ideas for program content, please contact any member of the executive committee. 

Membership is $5.00 per person per year. You can join now by sending your membership fee to Frederic Remington Area Historical Society, P. O. Box 133, Whitewater, KS 67154, or simply speak to the treasurer at the next meeting.

The Frederic Remington Area Historical Society was formed in May of 1977 for the purpose of reviewing and preserving the local history of the area bounded by USD #206. People living in the Remington School District, which includes portions of Harvey County, Sedgwick County, and northwest Butler County, Kansas, have traditionally shown interest in tracing their origins to the early days of pioneer life. 

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